Creating workspaces

Before creating a new workspace make sure to familiarize with the general rules of working with Workspaces

Follow the description below for creating workspaces for the system designers.

  1. Select "Workspace Manager" in the File menu.

    The workspace must be created on the central server.

    Click 'Create' and apply a workspace name. Confirm with 'OK'.

    A workspace is internally just an object and must thus follow the general naming rules.

  2. Add a description for the workspace in the description field (optional).

  3. In the 'Find Available Diagrams' list, select the diagrams to be added to the workspace and click the 'Add =>' button. Observe that the selected diagram is added to the 'Diagrams in Workspace' list. Likewise, diagrams can be removed from the 'Diagrams in Workspace' list by clicking the '<= Remove' button.

  4. Diagrams already added to another workspace are clearly marked as not available in the 'Find Available Diagrams' list.

  5. When the workspace list is complete, click 'Close'.

  6. Save or deploy the project with the workspace.

  7. Open the IGSSMaster and select Project menu and "Export Project". The Export function will create a zip-file containing all the relevant files. A copy of the project can now be made and brought to a different location for editing.

  8. When local editing in the workspace is finished, the work must be exported from the local work station. Enter the Workspace Manager and select the workspace in question in the "Workspace" drop-down list.

  9. Click the 'Export' button to export the workspace.

  10. Transport the exported workspace file to the central server.

  11. Start the "Definition" module in the Design and Setup menu on the central server.

  12. Select "File" and "Import Workspace". Changes made to the diagrams in the imported workspace will be merged into the project configuration at the central server without interfering with the work already done or currently in progress elsewhere in other workspaces.

  13. If further changes of the imported diagram are needed, make sure to make a new export of the project (ref. step 7) before making the changes. This ensures that all changes made by other system designers will be included.